A normal tea shop which is running in every street corners of India,  has taken its new form and been well recognised in Bangalore Which Is Chai Point. 

Chai point a high end modern tea shop in Bangalore. Corporate offices has got a very good impression with Chai point. Amuleek Singh Bijral founded Chai Point Whose business premise was very clear “India Runs on chai”

Chai point runs its business in Delhi and Bangalore. It has 300 employees and out of it 70 are tea masters. Chai point’s speciality is, its “Paper Flask”.

For example, if a group of ten friends were chatting and feel like driking tea, not necessary, that everyone should go.. we can order Tea and they deliver it with the disposable flask and cup.
Chai points sells about 70,000 chai in a day but the chai point authorities say that their target is to sell 7 lakh chai in a day.. And they have30,000 regular customer which is astonishing.
Tea board of BTM Kolkata says that in india 

They started their business in india in 2011 and their speciality is that they serve tea in 11 varieties. And along with that they serve busicutis and other bakery products .

WE have seen our chetans getting up at 4.00 in the morning and start their day but chai point is different it attracts the corporates more..

 if you had a chance to go to Bangalore for sure don’t miss this CHAI..and to give your comments in Jackie cinemas.. 

நினைப்பது அல்ல நீ
நிரூபிப்பதே நீ....


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